Forget anything you know about money

Sagi Ohayon
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New world order, by changing the concept of money and state of mind

Disclaimer: This article describes a prediction of the vision of money and its future uses, this is just an agenda and not a recomendation by any way.

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Before well jump into the future and how we are going to treat money in the (near) future, let's go back first to January 2007, when a new invention changed the world as we knew it then — the all-new iPhone 1.

the innovation of the iPhone wasn't only about the amazing design and the touchscreen they brought, the innovation iPhone brought to the world is with the Operation System (iOS) supporting apps the user chooses to download from, this at that point is a new world not only by the freedom to customize but also and most importantly the option to turn your phone into a mobile device who can help you do almost anything as far as someone made an app for it.

Nowadays the native use of our phone is not (only) for phone calls, it mainly helps us communicate with so many other ways other than phone calls and engage with others or with ourself with endless apps and tools, helping us achieve anything we want to know or get in the palm of our hands.

the reason I'm using apple as a reference to the future of money is that Apple wasn't a mobile phone company, so they were able to see clearly the future that mobile phones can achieve. back then companies like Nokia or Sonny Ericson ruled the market, and since they were so entrenched to use the phone for communication only, they couldn't see it coming.

The same is happening today, when governments, banks, and VCs are afraid of the change, and can't see the bigger (futuristic) picture, of how the decentralized economy going to change our state of mind about the use of money and the shapes it holds so far.

Like apple, DeFi organizations that launch Crypto coins to enable consumers to use their money with other types of money, digital money is changing the name of the game. the concept behind Bitcoin (BTC) is similar to the vision apple had years ago, and not just Bitcoin, the concept of NFT or the way we are earning money in Metaverses, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Money is about to change its form, imagine a world where you are choosing to get your paycheck in 50% BTC to pay the rent or some savings, combined with some 10% Dogecoin to upgrade your Tesla and some AXS to give your kids alliance to play Axie infinity.

Similar to what we have today on our smartphones as Apps, the future of money won't shackle us to a specific currency, but to a variety of currencies with different purposes

Not Just Money

forget about the papers, the shape is already transforming, take for example NFTs, they are a piece of a digital asset that is holding value in it which will be able to set our status in a variety of virtual universes.

Since we’re all on the highway of the MetaVerse, one way or another we will wish to see ourself their in our best, this will cost us money which will be held into NFTs with different evaluations that going to reflect our status same as cash liquidity position us today.

In conclusion —

Money is going to be transformed into something way more digital and way more decentralized than it's today, and this vision is about to evolve into a new era of Money that will change the way we got used to it.

Metaverse future concept
Metaverse future concept| Source: Freepik



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